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Second Spring OST
Peter Zummo
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 3, 2021

The american composer & trombonist (also known for his collaboration with Arthur Russell and John Lurie’s The Lounge Lizards) meets the british director Andy Kelleher and has recorded a breathtaking soundtrack for an emotionally gripping movie that puts a spotlight on Fronto-Temporal-Degeneration (FTD) and how people affected by that incurable disease (and those around them) react to the difficult situation that arises from its existence.

With Second Spring Peter Zummo creates a spherical soundtrack to the movie of the same title. In eighteen ingratiating tracks Zummo takes the listener on a driving sound journey.

“I had been developing a project called Highway Brain Planet for about a year before I heard from Andy about working on Second Spring. For me, the peculiar song title resonated with driving, archaeology, and saving the earth. Working with basic tracks recorded at Duck Kee Studio No. 8 in Mebane, North Carolina, I added some trumpets for a “highway” scene in the film.” – Peter Zummo

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Wind Flute Plus Feminine Domain 1:05 Buy

    Wind Flute Plus Feminine Domain

  2. 2 Antenna B Sounds Good to Me 2:03 Buy

    Antenna B Sounds Good to Me

  3. 3 Deep Slide With Trio (Cafe, A Plan) 1:24 Buy

    Deep Slide With Trio (Cafe, A Plan)

  4. 4 Deep Slide With Quartet 1:00 Buy

    Deep Slide With Quartet

  5. 5 Highway Brain Planet 3:42 Buy

    Highway Brain Planet

  6. 6 Feminine Domain 3B 0:27 Buy

    Feminine Domain 3B

  7. 7 Antenna B Sounds Good to Me (Pt. 2) 3:18 Buy

    Antenna B Sounds Good to Me (Pt. 2)

  8. 8 Feminine Domain 3A 0:27 Buy

    Feminine Domain 3A

  9. 9 Feminine Domain 2B 0:31 Buy

    Feminine Domain 2B

  10. 10 Deep Slide With Vibraphone 1:06 Buy

    Deep Slide With Vibraphone

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